Single Visit Crown

Single Visit Bridges -CEREC

November 19th, 2013

We Can Now Create Your New Bridge In A Single Visit

Many of you have had the opportunity to experience our single visit crown technology and have had your crown made in just one visit.  We are excited to share our newest technology experience  which provides us with the ability to fabricate beautiful crowns in our office in a single visit.  The process has really enhanced the wonderful relationship we have with our patients.

CERECC single visit bridge

Using CEREC's new software upgrade we can now make amazing bridges in our office.   Imagine being able to control all the variables involved in making a bridge so that it’s the most functional and esthetically pleasing restoration.  All this is done chair side in our offices while you wait.  No more multiple trips to the office, no more temporaries, no more fuss. In today's busy world we know you don't have time to keep coming back to our offices, even though we love seeing you.  Make your next visit with us a single visit.